Concrete Installation

At GMix Concrete we can also go about the process of laying the concrete for you. This is an extra service, but we recommend that bigger jobs are finished by professionals. Concrete installation needs the right preparation, as well as patience for the best finish possible. At the start of the oncrete installation the target area would be dug out so that wood or metal can shape the area to hold the wet concrete. After this we would pour the concrete into the form, making sure the area is filled properly and there are no air pockets.

Concrete Installation help and Advice

We can be as hands on, or not as you need us to be. Our volumetric mixer is operated by us, so we’ll operate the dropping of the concrete. But we can either drop the concrete from the lorry and then you would take care of the concrete installation. Alternatively, here at GMix Concrete we can make light work of the installation process.

We’ll make sure the concrete layer is level and clear away any excess with a trowel. Chisels and edging devices may be used to add decoration.

We can work on creating new concrete installations for many purposes. For example we can lay foundations for a new home, driveways, patios, repairs and maintenance on old and damaged structures.

Concrete installation is a labour intensive activity which requires being able to work outside in all kinds of weather. The job also involves equipment too, like the use of spreaders, straight edges, tampers, bull floats and darbies, edgers, groovers, hand floats and trowels.

Volumetric concrete mixer can work onsite when you need it

C02 friendly product, with no waste concrete produced

Capable of producing most concrete strengths

No time and distance limitations

High production rate (1 minute per metre)

Can mix concrete onsite for exact specifications