Volumetric Concrete Mixer

At GMix we use volumetric concrete mixers. The main advantages of a volumetric concrete mixer is that you can mix on-site, which means the concrete is ready when you are, not the other way around. When you use a ready mixed concrete system the concrete needs to be laid within 30-90 minutes of mixing as this is the time it takes to set. This often means standing around waiting for your concrete to be delivered costing time and money.

They beauty of the volumetric concrete mixer is it can measure out the exact amount of concrete you need. It can even mix more than one type of concrete in the same visit, eliminating waste and the need for more than one mixer. This is ideal for sites that require either more than one strength of concrete or possibly smaller volumes at one time as the concrete is mixed onsite.

Volumetric concrete mixer can work onsite when you need it

C02 friendly product, with no waste concrete produced

Capable of producing most concrete strengths

No time and distance limitations

High production rate (1 minute per metre)

Can mix concrete onsite for exact specifications