What is Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)?

Ready Mix Concrete, also known as RMC, is used worldwide as a popular construction material. It is customisable through careful proportioning to create different strengths of concrete for a huge range of applications. This type of concrete has a long lifespan and can be reinforced. For example, concrete used for roads can last thirty years under high traffic before it may need to be replaced.

Ready Mix Concrete is well suited to large projects and can be delivered in two ways. The first is batch plant produced concrete delivered in barrel trucks or in-transit mixers. Concrete of this kind can be made in a batch plant according to a set recipe engineered and developed by construction sites. This means that all of the ingredients are mixed at the plant and the hydration process is started. Therefore, there is a limited time frame available to lay the concrete before it becomes unusable because it will star to set within 30-45 minutes of exposure. It is common for admixtures to be added to slow down this process, but the amount that is added is very important and there will not be a huge amount of difference in the time available lay.

The Difference Between Batch Ready Mix Concrete and Volumetric Concrete

The volumetric ready mix process on the other hand, is much more flexible. Although the ingredients are the same, the dry products are mixed on site instead of at a batching plant, therefore not restricting the user by time. Our mixers can continuously mix quality concrete and add fresh materials when more is needed, without affecting the composition of the existing concrete mix. There is less pressure to work out the exact volume you need for your project as more can be added and there is no waste created. You also do not need to worry about the distance in comparison to the batch plant because the cement and other materials are mixed with water on your site where the hydrations process will take place. Another benefit to volumetric concrete is that there is lower water usage and the process can create concrete with a higher compressive strength. Read more about the benefits of volumetric concrete mixers here.

what is ready mix concrete

Here at G-Mix, we only use volumetric mixing as a method of providing ready mix concrete because it consistently provides the best results for all types of project and we can specifically alter the composition to suit your construction goals. We offer a flexible service and can even advise you on your concrete needs. Contact us here for more information.