volumetric concrete mixer

Here at G-Mix, we provide specialist advice to help you with your project. Our volumetric concrete mixers are high quality and adaptable for your needs. Read on below to find out more…

Volumetric Concrete Matched With Your Requirements

The G-Mix team can create most concrete strengths for you and what’s more, the mix can be exactly tailored to your on-site requirements and altered depending on the weather. We can vary the consistency of the concrete and give flexibility to go from dry to wet and then back again, in a single delivery. We deliver with no distance restrictions and can provide up to 10m₃, which is almost twice as much as more traditional methods. Our concrete is of the highest quality and has lower air voids than many concrete companies, as too many lead to a decrease in the strength of the final product.

Volumetric Concrete Mixers | A Cost-Effective Solution from G-Mix

In addition to all of these benefits of volumetric concrete mixers, it is also a much more cost-effective process than more traditional methods. This is due to the fact that you only need to pay for the amount of materials you require to lay the concrete for your project. There is also no waste created because the concrete is mixed on site for the exact volume you need. Our drivers are also able to offer a multi-drop service to reach many sites in a row. This reduces the costs and environmental impact of concrete companies. We also provide all the equipment required, offer a complete installation service and deliver at a time that is good for you to maximise the productivity of your workforce. Unlike traditional barrel mixing, you will not face the restriction of a 30-90 minute lay time and can prioritise quality.

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