Concrete Trends | Industrial Interior Design

One of this year’s huge interior trends for homes, businesses and public spaces, has been industrial interior design. Matched with open plan living, this gives the impression of more space and a warehouse style. It’s all about displaying the building materials used to give a ‘raw’ look which fits in well if you already own some vintage furniture and have some space to play with. This covers wood, metal, exposed pipes and of course, concrete. In some cases, this can even reduce finishing costs and save energy through concrete walls. This is a much more sustainable method of home improvement as it limits the use of unnecessary materials.

Although the ‘unfinished’ look isn’t for everyone, many homes incorporate a minimalist open plan style in to the design. With a reputation for looking ‘cold’ or ‘prison like’, many home owners are not convinced, but if done in the right way, it really can add something special. You can also purchase polished concrete as concrete flooring and panels for extra comfort and gloss.

If you’re looking for ways to use concrete throughout your home, why not try a concrete floor, concrete ceiling or concrete stairs? Concrete feature walls are also popular for a subtler appearance and feature pieces such as fireplaces. If this sounds like too much work to create the industrial interior design look, then try some concrete accessories such as concrete pendant lighting in various shapes and sizes. Every room needs a focal point! What will yours be?

industrial interior design
concrete stairs

The Benefits of Concrete for Home Decoration

Concrete makes a great material for use inside the home because it is so adaptable, long-lasting, on-trend and can be shaped into an infinite amount of moulds. Contrasting textures and plain backdrops allow you to accessorize with pops of colour to your heart’s content. Kitchen concrete worktops have really taken off in the last few years and are both functional and fashionable.

Concrete is very easy to maintain and there are so many options!


Will you incorporate industrial interior design in your home?