The Benefits of Using a Volumetric Concrete Mixer for Your Construction Project

 State of the art, quick and efficient volumetric concrete mixer
 Economical
 Less labour intensive
 Not limited by time or distance
 Matched with on-site requirements
 High quality concrete and reduced air voids
 Capable of performing all concrete strengths
 Up to 10m3
 No waste created and C02 friendly
 Ground works and installation
 Equipment provided
 Licensed waste removal
 Domestic and commercial customers
 Specialist advice

Volumetric Concrete Mixers Explained

Here at G-Mix, we use volumetric concrete mixers to create concrete for your project. These are much more economical than traditional barrel mixing and much less labour-intensive than this or hand mixing. Ours allow the concrete to be mixed on-site and is not-limited to time, making it much more cost and time-effective for your building project. A ‘normal’ concrete system uses the same common ingredients (i.e. cement, aggregates, water and admixtures) but needs to be laid within 30-90 minutes so is a more limited process that is susceptible to mistakes. This also depends on the moisture in the atmosphere and the fineness of the cement for example, so it is a less reliable process.

Other benefits of volumetric concrete mixers include the elimination of waste as we mix the exact right amount of concrete mixture after seeing the location and there is no segregation in transit unlike traditional methods. All of the materials are stored in separate compartments inside our volumetric mixers and these are metered and mixed together to form fresh concrete when it is needed. This cuts our C02 emissions and means we can do a multi-drop service, going to more than one job in a row without having to pick up more supplies.

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